Tuesday, 9 October 2012


  Last Monday, all the T.Y. students went to Carlingford in Co. Louth. Twas prettty cool. We stayed in the Carlingford Adventure Centre. On the Monday we had to be at esso garage for 7am. In the morning. When i should have still been warm and cosey in bed :/ It took about an hour and a half to get there and we watched Rapunzel on the bus. Whatta movie :) I want a pet chamelleon called Pascal now.
  When we got there we divided into our rooms that we would "sleep" in that night. I was in a room of 12 so you could probably guess how loud we were! Our first activity was kyaking. It was really fun and Daina was my partner. We had to wear wetsuits and life-jackets. We were looking well lads. It was really cold but so worth it. Especially when ewe got to jump in the water and swim! I also held my head under a waterfall for 10 seconds which means that im going to live a WHOLE DAY LONGER!!! YEAAAAHHHH BUDDDY!!!
  We moved on to the high ropes after a yummy lunch of sausage rolls. NUUUUUUUMMM. I ate mine and Aideens :P. We had to climb a 30 foot pole and four of us had to balance on a pizza sized box on the top and lean back to form a flower shape. I nearly wet myself.
  We then got dinner. Which was horrible. I didnt eat it and anyone who knows me knows im not one to turn down food. It was that bad! EUUURRRRRGGGHHHH.
   Then we went on a lovely blindfolded night walk were i succede in whacking my head off every tree in a very big forest. Such Crack. Not.
   After that though we got CHIIIIIIPEEEEERR! Nummm chicken snackbox :) I then changed into my tiger onesie and strutted around the whole center. Howaya Lads. Then we went to our rooms and ate loadssss of sweeeetieeees before finally collapsing on our beds.
   The next morning I had hot chocolate for breakfast and we went

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