Tuesday, 23 October 2012

  Last week was quite uneventfull but my junk Kouture group got lots of work done on our dress. So far our bodice is nearly finshed we just have to do a small tree design on the back and we are finitoooe! Then I can put it on and and lace it up into a corset with ribbon. We also have to start working on the skirt of the dress during the midterm next week which will be made out of two tutu's sowen together with starched material in each pleat, with a celtic design on it. We also have to start making the shoes, hat and accesories.
  In technology we've been making clocks which isn't that fun because I did it in second year because I did tech for my Junior Cert but hopefully we'll be doing our formula1 projects soon which should be good craic in our groups.
  Im also looking forward to my fifth Wednesday of work experiance tomorrow. Im doing my placement in a boy's primary school near where I live. So far I've been doing mostly office work but I did get to help a junior infants class with their Autumn and Halloween artwork.
  On Friday we have to dress up as Zombies for Halloween so that'll be funny to see everyone.
Thats really all thats happened this week so..... byeeeeeeeee.

 oh and this is for Cliodhna and Emma.......

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