Tuesday, 4 December 2012

 It's nearly Christmas!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited because we did Kriskindle in class yesterday and I'm not gonna say who I got yet because she could read this.... and that'd be pretty awks. We also started planning our Christmas party for after the exams on the day we go bowling. I get to dress up as Santa and give presents out to everyone! :) *<[:-{o)   <---Santa!

 The Late Late Toy Show was on last Friday and even though that's not school im still writing about it because im too excited!!! WOOO! Im actually listening to ChristmasFM instead of Spin1038 like usual!


Ive started all my activities for Gaisce which will be running for the physical one, a trainee leader at cubs for the community and Horse riding for the personal skill one. :)


I'm also really excited because next friday were are going to a (drumroll please....)........Ballet!!! Im dont know which one yet but it should be loads of fun and really cool.


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