Tuesday, 15 January 2013

  So were back after Christmas and it is 2013!!! Waheeeeey!!!!!!! We're doing alot of new projects and subjects now because its a new term.
Our Junk Kouture is now OVER! Which I'm actually quite glad about because even though it was very enjoyable, it was such hard work and so much effort went into it that I was ecstatic when we could see the final result :D And guess what? All our hard work payed off because WE WOOOON!!!!!! AHHH! WOOOHOOOOO! Our trophy was a big tin of quality street chocolates. num num. :P


So because that is finished it opened up three new subjects!
  •        TY Design where we are now making a teddy bear XD
  •        Art where we are making portraits of celebs from casette tapes. It's a bit like Bruno Mar's video for 'Just The Way You Are'. Of course I chose the one and only Harry Styles as my celeb :)
  •        Home Ec where we are baking!! Food Glorious Food!!! This week we made apple crumble and next week we're making cheese cake.

Before Christmas our class went to a ballet were they danced the Nutcracker Suite and a Christmas Story. It was really good and there were a few girls from our school that were dancing in it.

 That's all for nowwwwww! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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