Wednesday, 6 March 2013


  Recently we went into town with the rest of the T.Y.'s to participate in Lollipop day! We got into groups of four (I was with Shannon Farrelley, Daina Hosty and Aisling Cunniffe) and then we were assigned different places around Grafton Street. We got hats and tshirts to show we where collecting for charity. We also had boxes that held the lollipops, badges and money.

  We had to work in shifts so we could get lunch and Shannon and I took our lunch first. We decided to take full advantage of the fact we were in Town and popped into Abercrombie to get a picture (or two) with the models ;) It was fuuuuuuuuuuun

It was a good experiance and over the course of the day I really gained confidence talking to the people and convincing them to donate. By the end of our time I was nearly following people down the street!

Im excited for this Thursday because were going to Intel for a day about different careers. Intel have been kind enough to fund this trip for us so im looking forward to this great oppurtunity to learn mor about future careers :D


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