Tuesday, 5 March 2013

  This week we had the Sci-fest competition in science. Im in a group with Orla Sweeney and Ciara Walsh. Our project is to Investigate the Affects of Various Cooking Methodson Vitamin C Levels. We choose broccoli as the food we would test. We've been doing this project since the end of September and have been working very hard to finsh our report books and our posters. We were seen by all four judges that were there on the day and they all asked us a few questions on the experiment and research we did.
  They were all very interested by the chemical we used to test for vitamin c, called DCPIP. This is because it is used in a Leaving Cert practical and so is the formulas we used to get our results.
   In the end we were very happy because we got through in the top ten to go on for the competition in Tallaght! We also found out that we actually came third and won a little key-ring :D

   All in all last week was a very good week :)

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