Tuesday, 5 March 2013

  Recently in Religion we have been doing projects on conflict. I worked in a group with Shannon Farrelley and Daina. We choose to do World War 2 as our conflict and picked a small section of it to focus on. We decided to do the Haloucaust as we've always found that to be the most interesting part of the war.

  We did our project on prezi and found out alot of interesting information. Did you know that one of the reasons that Hitler didnt like Jews was because he did not get accepted into a mostly Jewish Univerdity and thought him not being a jew was the reason why? Ghettos were the name given to areas that the Nazis had taken over and forced all the Jews out of.
  A a result of the Holocaust around six million jews were killed. Thats one and a half times the population of Ireland! Over one million of these were young, innocent children. One good thing though, was that this led to the formation of the United Nations which has helped stop a lot of other conflicts around the world.

              This is a star of David that Jews were forced to wear so people would know who they were.

 This was the the gate of Auschwitz, one of the biggest concentration camps during WW2.

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